The chapel of Swigters Almshouse

A Ticket to Heaven

June 6, 2018

Amidst the gables along the Amstel River in Amsterdam, a richly adorned gate leads to Swigters Almshouses. The gate is decorated with a sculpted tympanum depicting a hand and Latin text stating “Blissful is he who is gentle towards the miserable. The Lord will set him free on Judgment Day.”.

Isaak Swigters hoped that founding an almshouse would result in eternal life in heaven.

In 1751 the Chapel of Swigters Almshouse was created for the elderly female residents. This exceptionally beautiful building remains one of the best-preserved Roman Catholic churches of the eighteenth century.

My brother, Mark, lives in Amsterdam and sent me the link to these images. He knows me so well!

That ornament…

Those colours…

And… it’s… for sale!

Just think, some lucky person will wake up to this….

Can you imagine….?!