Lee Krasner Icarus 1964

Lee Krasner, Living Colour

October 31, 2018

The Barbican will be celebrating the work and life of Lee Krasner in their Art Gallery next year. I relish any chance I get to visit that amazing Brutalist estate – to immerse myself in some Abstract Expressionism while I’m there will be AMAZING!

Details of the upcoming exhibition (30th May – 1st Sept) appeared in my inbox alongside this image of Krasner’s “Icarus”. This fascinating painting inspired me to dive into my silk scarf collection and plan out a few more drapes for the shop. Isn’t it great when art inspires creativity just like that. I wonder if Lee ever had any idea how many billions of people her work has and will continue to touch in this way.

Lee Krasner was a pioneer of Abstract Expressionism. The Barbican event will be the first major presentation of her work for more than 50 years and many of the 100 pieces on show will be displayed for the first time in the UK.

Lee Krasner Seeded 1960

The artist is also known for her marriage to Jackson Pollock. Pollock was a very strong character and the relationship wouldn’t have been easy! Krasner’s style evolved after the tragic death of her husband and she went on to work with a much restricted palette. Some say she was liberated.

Lee Krasner

“I like a canvas to breathe and be alive. Be alive is the point.”  Lee Krasner

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For further information on the exhibition, Lee Krasner: Living Colour, visit the Barbican.