Armadillo Flower Rug Marigold

Natural Fibre Armadillo Flower Rugs

February 24, 2019

This warm sunny spell is making me feel like bringing the outdoors in!

I’m enjoying hanging plants galore right now while underfoot (bare, not slippered, as we’re having these warmer temperatures 😉 ) I’m falling in love all over again with our Armadillo rugs.

Woven natural fibre floor coverings just add that extra decorative touch to a hard floor. I’ve had a Marigold rug (above) in our home for, oh, as long as I can remember, and a Camellia rug (below) is now also sitting very happily in the kitchen.

Armadillo Flower Rug Camellia


How about a Daisy rug?

Armadillo Flower Rug Daisy
… or a Dandelion?
Armadillo Flower Rug Dandelion
The Armadillo hemp rugs are flowery without being too girly, they’re also 100% natural and sustainable. Most common stains can be spot cleaned and a regular vacuum will keep them in good shape.

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