Pineapple Wall Sconces

From £99.00

This wonderful pineapple wall sconce is the reproduction of an antique. Beautiful on its own, spectacular as a pair.


The pineapple wall sconce candleholder, created especially for Caravan Style. A decorative addition to a hallway, sitting or dining room, really pretty in a bedroom or bathroom, attractively quirky in a kitchen, and rather glamorous in a study or office. It’s your choice!

Gilded metal body with two metal arms which each hold a candle. The pineapple wall sconce measures approx. 52cm x 42cm wide x 15cm deep.

The reproduction of an antique wall-mounted candleholder, each sconce is hand assembled, not perfectly symmetrical and will slightly differ to the next. Gently manipulate the metal ‘leaves’ to create a fuller, more organic and natural shape. We recommend to pair with shorter length/bistro candles (not supplied), secured with a lump of sticky tack to ensure straight-burning. Do not leave burning candles unattended.

I like to change the colour of the candles in my sconces from time to time for a very subtle but effective “freshen up”. They’re a lovely shade of pastel pink right now!

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