Pineapple Wall Sconces

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This wonderful pineapple wall sconce is the reproduction of an antique. Beautiful on its own, spectacular as a pair.

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The pineapple wall sconce. Created especially for Caravan Style, this design is a best-seller. A decorative addition to a hallway, sitting or dining room, really pretty in a bedroom or bathroom, attractively quirky in a kitchen, and rather glamorous in a study or office. It’s your choice!

The pineapple wall sconce measures approx. 52cm x 42cm wide x 15cm deep. Gilded metal body.

The reproduction of an antique design, each sconce is hand assembled, not perfectly symmetrical and will slightly differ to the next. Gently manipulate the metal ‘leaves’ to create a fuller, more organic and natural shape. We recommend to pair with shorter length/bistro candles (not supplied), secured with a lump of sticky tack to ensure straight-burning. Do not leave burning candles unattended.

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