Pretty Mirrors

From £12.50

A selection of pretty mirrors. Which is the fairest of them all?


A selection of smaller mirrors. These are very sweet displayed individually and fantastic when grouped together.

The lovely hand mirror can be held at a dressing table. Finished with a decorative bevelled edge and felt-backed with an optional discreet hanging fixing, it measures approx. 30cm long x 15cm wide.

The dainty oval and little rectangular mirrors each have a decorative wavy bevelled edge and a velvet ribbon tie. The oval measures approx. 17.5cm long x 12.5cm wide; the rectangular measures approx. 21cm long x 16cm wide.

The slightly gothic styled rectangular mirror is set in a distressed metal frame and hangs from a length of chain. Mirror frame measures approx. 20cm high x 28.5cm wide and (adjustable) chain length is approx. 42cm. Reproduction of an antique design.

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