Kaymet Trays

From £69.00

The classic Kaymet tray, hand produced in South London since the 1950s and built to last forever.

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High quality British-made trays, manufactured in London. These Kaymet trays look lovely set out together on a table and the three sizes will handily stack to be popped to one side too. They make a lovely gift for a special occasion.

The pink, onyx and brown marble finishes are my current favourites – these trays will instantly update and add a touch of glamour to a kitchen or dining room.

Kaymet has been producing high quality aluminium trays and trolleys in Bermondsey since 1947 when founder Sydney Schreiber set out to find new uses for machinery that had previously made parts for WW2 radios and radar equipment. His son, Ken, runs the Kaymet factory with urban strategist Mark Brearley and still packs every order himself.

The iconic anodised aluminium tray design features ribbed extruded edges and handles. Tiny domed translucent feet at the underside corners will protect surfaces.

Antique pink 14″ tray measures approx. 35 x 25.5 x 2cm – this is the smaller size, priced at £69.
Onyx 16″ tray measures approx. 40 x 28 x 2cm – this is the smaller size, priced at £79.
Brown marble 18″ tray measures approx. 46 x 30 x 2cm – this is the larger size, priced at £89.

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