Pretty Pins


Decorative metal pins in the shape of succulents & magnolia branches. Pretty for a coat or a collar, they can also be used to pin up notes and cards. Jewellery for you and your home!


Decorative metal pins in the shapes of magnolia branches and sweet little succulents. When not adorning coat or collar, these are a really pretty (and practical) addition to a noticeboard or any pin-able surface – woodwork, door frames, etc.. These unusual pieces are from the dreamy world of Dear Swallow by Ria Charisse, based in Brooklyn NY.

The sweet mini succulent pins/tacks measure approx. 1.8cm dia.. The magnolia branches are approx. 6-7cm long.

Choices, where available, are 14k gold-plated, silver-plated, or black-finished pewter.

Underside pins measure approx. 1cm long and can easily be removed if you’d prefer your pin as a pretty little ornament.

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