Nathalie Lete Scarves – rabbits, dogs, cats


Beautifully illustrated silk scarf squares from our friend Nathalie Lete.


More quirky treats from our friend Nathalie Lete. Each beautifully illustrated generous-sized silk square can be worn around the neck or tied around the body in other inventive ways. Works of art in their own right, we also like to drape these scarves around the home. I plan to stitch all three together for a silky door panel!

Nathalie’s rabbit design is a floppy-eared, floral and fungal treat depicting bunny heads with mushrooms, edged with tiny flowers. Her cat square is a feline design, depicting very cute cat faces and rose heads. The dog scarf shows various canine faces within a starry border.

Each scarf measures approx. 1m square and is made from 100% silk. Wash by hand or dry clean.

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