Caravan Style Silk Scarf Drapes

May 10, 2018

I’ve had a lovely session going through silk scarves with a customer this morning – we were oohing and ahhing over the wonderful palettes and patterns that each tell such a unique story of their time.

I adore vintage silk and satin scarves and have collected quite a selection over the years, from which I pick out and put together to create our dreamy Caravan Style Silk Scarf Drapes. These striking lengths of eclectic vintage fabric hang beautifully as a window dressing or to divide a living space.

For silk scarf draping at a window I tend to employ curtain clips from a top fix track; draping as room dividers they work well simply hanging in a relaxed manner from well-appointed little hooks.Emily Chalmers Caravan Style Studio Silk Scarf Drape

If you’re interested in adding a magical Caravan Style silk scarf drape to your own home, just drop me a line. The 6-piece panel is usually a good size for a standard sash window.Caravan Style silk scarf drape pink blue