Heju Studio Apartment Gabrielle Kitchen

Kitchen Dreams

March 21, 2018

I’ve recently been thinking about kitchens. I love it when there’s a good dose of pretty in practical and this pinky terrazzo heaven by Heju Studio ticks all my boxes…

top image: Kitchen Gabrielle by Heju Studio

Wouldn’t our beautiful Kaymet trays in these new brown marble, onyx and pink finishes sit well in that setting!
Kaymet Trays - brown marble, onyx, pink
I’ve also just stumbled across Stine Goya’s golden kitchen paradise. Mmmmmmm….
Stine Goya Gold Kitchen 1
Stine Goya Gold Kitchen 2
Stine Goya in her Gold Kitchen
Stine has inspired all sorts of dream kitchen goals, not least to look as glamorous when I stand in my own “hub of the home”!
Stine Goya Gold Kitchen detail

Images of Stine Goya’s golden kitchen via Reform, photography by Andreas Omvik. Visit designer Stine’s website to view the equally stunning interiors of her stores.

Alongside working on the glamour side of things, I shall be putting together a few dream kitchen ideas in my new scrap book from our unique wallpaper-artist friend Deborah Bowness…
Deborah Bowness Scrap Book
I shall also be sampling from her scrap papers for colour reference. Lovely!Deborah Bowness Scrap Papers